Welcome to the local commerce revolution.

Wantify’s mission is to facilitate and grow local businesses. We empower you – the local merchant – to compete with online and big-box retailers. How? We provide a comprehensive set of tools that create a conversation between you and your customers! Our core functionality includes: a discovery engine, a loyalty program, and most importantly a two-way real-time marketplace where customers can tell you what they want and you can deliver highly relevant – even personalized – offers directly to them.


Publish compelling offers that lead to customer discovery and new sales.


Create personalized offers for customers, leading to a deeper level of customer engagement.


Surprise and delight your regular customers by sending special offers meant just for them via Wantify. This unique relationship building feature turns one-time buyers into brand loyalists.

Merchant Page

Every participating merchant has their own page for announcements, offers, hours, directions and more.


Merchants can answer questions from customers and develop real relationships.


Create announcements for loyal customers and followers.

"We love the platform and the instantaneous nature of notifications. Because consumers get a message similar to a text, they're "guaranteed to see it" and on a good promotion, Wantify may generate up to half of a day's revenue for Axis, which provides music and voice lessons and classes.

Donny Klemmer, Jr.Axis Music Marketing Manager

We are expanding one small town at a time.
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