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Wantify helps you find and buy what you want from local merchants

Enter what you want. Find local merchants who sell it.

The Wantify How

Want to buy something locally but need help finding it? Enter what you want.

See a directory of local merchants who may sell what you are looking for.

Post a request for something unique or personalized and local merchants will craft offers just for you. Clip a coupon or purchase a buy-now offer.

You’ll also receive advice from neighbors relating to your request, such as store recommendations and related tips on where to find it.


Why Wantify

Our mission is to foster local shopping by providing a more streamlined and efficient local shopping experience. With Wantify, you simply ask for what you want to buy, and Wantify directs you to local merchants who sell it along with the great deals they are offering in the form of coupons and “buy-now” offers. You can even post a request with any unique requirements or details relating to what you want and local merchants will respond with offers created just for you. Sign up today and start making Wantify your way to shop locally. It’s easy, fun, and it’s yours to use for free!