Shopping local is important in today’s economy, but many people assume big retail corporations have most of the advantages over their local competitors. This could not be further from the truth. In actuality, small local retailers play an important role to shoppers and their community as a whole.

Lower Prices

Shopping local doesn’t have to be more expensive. Local merchants know they need to compete with larger competitors, so they will price their products competitively. Customer satisfaction is very important to local store owners, so they will make sure the price will meet the demands of shoppers.


Less Hassle

Navigating the endless aisles and departments of large chain retailers can be exhausting. Shopping at local stores gives you access to the products you want, without the time spent searching. Local stores can give you an important advantage – finding what you’re shopping for at fractions of the time and walking distance of larger stores.


Insider Information

Local merchants are often experts in their industry, and their input tends to be more genuine as a result. They have spoken with real shoppers far more often than their counterparts at a corporate level, so they can help guide you toward the product you are shopping for at the price you’re looking for. One-time insider sales and special events are just a few of the important benefits of shopping as a loyal customer to a local business.


Friendly Environment

When you enter a locally owned store, you’re greeted with open arms. The distance between management and customer is much smaller, so customers know exactly who they’re shopping from. Local merchants are often passionate about what they’re selling and will treat you as an important, valued customer. The sense of trust that results from shopping directly from a local store owner is valuable and important, and it is rarely seen in larger chains.


Better Customer Service

While larger chain stores are often unwilling to accommodate the unique needs of customers while shopping, local merchants are much more likely to listen. The important ability of a local store owner to speak directly with their customers allows them to cater to their needs more effectively. Local merchants are making important decisions based on what’s in front of them instead of from an office in a different city, so they will find it easier to establish a positive shopping experience where everyone’s voice is heard.


More Informed Decisions

Every day, local merchants see firsthand what happens in their store. They naturally observe important information about the experience of the people shopping in their store. As a result, this insight gives local merchants the ability to adapt and take action on a daily basis. They can assure shoppers have the best possible experience, allowing for the right shopping environment that meets their important needs.

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