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Search to find offers currently in the system or post a specific request as a Wantified®. Posting a Wantified is the most powerful way to get merchants to deliver highly relevant - even personalized - offers directly to you. You’ve got merchants saying "Your wish is our command!"

We are Wantify

We are a synergistic community of local enthusiasts, 'buy nearby' champions, 'mom and pop shop' endorsers and hometown promoters. Our goal is to personalize and simplify local commerce.

We realize that there are many choices when it comes to making retail purchases. More importantly, we understand the power of buying locally because when you spend your hard-earned dollars at local merchants, those dollars stay close to home, improving your schools, parks, and the overall quality of life in your hometown. So we created Wantify - the most advanced and comprehensive platform to make buying local easier, more efficient, and more appealing than ever. We’ve researched, tested, focus-grouped, and surveyed, and we have found the best way to optimize buying locally is by creating the most personalized shopping experience. And we’ve done just that. How? Using a feature we call a "Wantified®", you can post what you want and local merchants will be informed in real time. They can then craft offers specifically relating to what you want, and those offers will be delivered directly to your Wantify inbox. It’s like a digital classified ad that focuses on what you want to buy - instead of what merchants want to sell. By doing so, it shifts the power into the hands of you - the consumer - and creates the most highly personalized and efficient local shopping experience on the planet!

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When you follow a merchant you'll see all their offers and be in the know about current happenings and real time updates from that merchant.

Get added to a merchant's VIP list when you buy from them using the app and become eligible for exclusive offers from that merchant.

Wantify is now available in Birmingham, Michigan. Don't worry, we'll be rolling out soon in a town near you.

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