The easy way to get great offers on what you want to buy locally.

You simply post the products and services you want to buy, then Wantify® sends you relevant offers from local merchants.


You are in control

Wantify® puts the power of purchasing local goods and services in your hands.

Save time and money

No more time consuming searching and shopping, you save time and money because Wantify® and its participating merchants do all the work!

Let the merchants do the work instead of you

With Wantify®, you receive offers from reputable local merchants relating specifically to what you want.


Indicate What You Want to Buy

You simply type in what product or service you want to buy from local merchants.

Relevant Offers Delivered to You

Offers made by local merchants in the form of vouchers, discounts, and coupons are delivered directly to your phone.

Review Offers

You review the offers and choose the best. You then clip a coupon or make a purchase of a voucher or discounted offer right in the Wantify® app.

Clip or Purchase Offers

Then simply redeem your coupon or voucher at the local merchant or claim your purchased product or service.

Get great offers on local products and services now!


Consumers come to you

Reach consumers who expressly desire to purchase what you sell. Rather than paying upfront for expensive advertising campaigns with the hope of attracting interested consumers, with Wantify® your offers are directly presented to consumers who express a desire to purchase what you sell.

Real time control

You’re in the driver seat on every deal you make. The offers you create in Wantify® are on your terms and can be adjusted in real-time enabling you to regulate the rate at which offers are sold.

No upfront costs

You pay nothing to create an account or post an unlimited amount of offers. Wantify® is a purely performance driven system which eliminates any upfront cost and risk. Wantify® works hard for you knowing we’ll only be paid when a consumer purchases an offer you create.


Open a Free Account

The registration process is simple, fast, and free. Once approved as a Wantify® merchant, you can begin to post offers and create new leads and sales.

Create Offers

Create offers for free in the form of vouchers, discounts, and coupons on terms of your choosing at a minimum of 10% off.

Deliver to Consumers

Your offers are automatically matched with and delivered directly to consumers who have indicated that they want to buy what you sell.

Gain Leads and Sales

Consumers review their offers and make purchases of those that best match their needs or wants.

Get great offers on local products and services now!